Mrs. Hod Hod is Ready to Teach

September 9, 2019

This school year started with seven teachers added to the BPHS faculty: Ms.Lee, Mr. Mora, Mrs.Hod Hod, Mr. Rivas, Ms.Torres, Mr. Warden, and Mr.Wong. One of the freshmen teachers, Mrs. Hod Hod, is our new physics teacher. Many juniors and seniors decided to take this interactive and challenging course. Mrs. Hod Hod expressed her passion for any and all types of science. In her interview our new physics teacher went into detail about each school where she taught and how much she is loving BPHS and the students.

The new physics teacher, Mrs. Hod Hod, enjoyed furthering her education around the world. She studied in Egypt at the Egypt Japan University of Science and Technology. She also attended two Cal States: San Bernardino and Fullerton, along with two other universities in California – University of Redlands and University of California, Riverside.

Mrs. Hod Hod taught in the San Bernardino, LA, Riverside, West Covina and Barstow areas. She worked at public schools (South Pasadena High School, Valley View High School and Barstow High School), charter schools (ASA Charter School, River Springs Charter School Magnolia Academy, PAL Academy and Crosswalk: Higher Education Learning Pathways) and private schools (St.Mary’s Catholic School and South Hills Academy).

At the moment she is teaching physics at BPHS. In the past Mrs. Hod Hod taught many different courses including biology, chemistry, physical science, earth science, life science and computer tech and STEAM. Her preferred subjects are physics and chemistry.

Mrs. Hod Hod really enjoys working at BPHS and believes that students here are more appreciative of their academic opportunities. With her years of experience in both teaching and learning, Mrs. Hod Hod has come to see the value of education.

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