Seniors’ Take: First Day of School


On Thursday August 15, the Vanguard staff interviewed returning BPHS students about their attitudes toward their new classes. The BPHS student body expressed their enthusiasm for the first day back from summer vacation. Many of the students are enjoying their classes and new teachers.

Senior Jazmyn Chavez, expressed her interest in Renaissance due to the teacher’s relationship with the students.”My favorite class so far is Renaissance because I love Mrs. Melendez.”

Xitlaly Guzman, senior, is looking forward to Mrs. Cash’s class on Sports Medicine.”My favorite class so far is Sports Medicine because I’m excited to see what I learn this year.”

Isaiah Cueva and Marisa Martinez, from the 2020 class, are psyched to be in each other’s class.”My favorite class so far is psychology because Marisa’s in there.””My favorite class so far is psychology because Isaiah’s in there.”

As you can see, seniors are looking forward to making countless memories with their friends. They also hope to learn in some of their favorite classes and overall have a great school year.




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