Class 2019 vs. Prom 2019


This year, the BPHS ASB was bombarded with tons of complaints from the senior class. Class of 2019 had an abundance of opinions to share about their prom. Juan Rodriguez, class vice president, says, “We [ASB] are used to it. Everyone always has something to say.” And, he is certainly right.

Class of 2019 made sure to express how upset they were with the prices for prom. $120, they claimed, was too expensive for a school event. And, these seniors aren’t exactly wrong. Prom is already very pricey, with people having to buy their suits, dresses, heels, dress shoes, etc. So, it’s no wonder that there were complaints. Not every student has the means to afford all of the expenses. However, no matter the amount of complaints, plenty of students went to ASB and purchased their tickets. But, were these students satisfied with their $120 prom experience?

Well, here’s what class of 2019 had to say about their “Night on Mt. Olympus” (Prom 2019).

Jasmin Raygoza says, “I don’t think the cost of the prom ticket was worth $120 just because the food wasn’t that good and there weren’t enough tables.” She goes on to detail how the vendor of this expensive school events were…. food trucks, with super long lines in the cold. And, Jasmin continues, when her and her friends did get their food, it was super difficult to find a place to eat it at as the venue did not provide enough tables.

In contrast, Josue Beccerra says that he believed the place of the event was really nice, and that the music choices made at the event, courtesy of the DJ, were really good. Overall, Josue states, “…it was worth it and a very fun and memorable night.”

All in all, “A Night On Mt. Olympus” is an experience that varies from person to person. You can be like Jasmine, who thinks prom is just okay. Or, like Josue, who cherishes the memories made. Either way, senior year is coming to an end. So, who cares? Have fun with the rest of year, Class of 2019!

(If you are interested in seeing pictures from Pom 2019, please check out our slideshow! #prom2019


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