It’s the End of the World (As We Know It!)


It’s finally reached that time of the school year, the end of it. Only a few more days left until the last day of school and seniors graduate. Many of the students are getting a little down because they’re seeing their seniors friends graduate but at the same time proud of them and what they have accomplished. Speaking of seniors, all of them are very excited and happy that they have made it this far. They’ve overcome so many obstacles to get where they are now, making friends and family members proud. Getting to where they are at now was no easy task, lots of sacrifices had to be made and not easy ones either.

Many of the schools activities are starting to begin to end the school year off with a bang.

Sadly a few teachers will not be returning to us next year. We’ve had the privilege to learn from them. This year seemed to have passed by in a blink of an eye, but to some other students it felt so much longer than that. Some of them wish that they didn’t have to leave, but others are excited for the future that they have ahead of them and all of the different possibilities they have. Yearbooks are getting released as well so if you are lucky you have some pictures of you and your friends inside of it. Not only that, don’t forget to have all of your friends sign your yearbook and have them leave little message or a motivational quote. Not only that the Powder Puff game and Color Run are right around the corner! Don’t be afraid or shy to come on out and support all of these events. Also finals are coming up as well, not that much longer till they come around. Make sure you start to study now and make sure you go to finals prepared.


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