The Peanuts Movie


The Peanuts Movie was released on November 6, 2015. The Movie is about a boy named Charlie Brown who doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the crowd.  A “Little Red-Haired Girl” moves into the neighborhood and Charlie Brown develops a crush on her. Charlie Brown does anything he can to get her attention or talk to her, which always fails, due to embarrassment or accidental reasons. His best friend Snoopy, who happens to be a dog, helps Charlie Brown with his crush while having a fantasy of his own. Watch the movie to find out if Charlie Brown talks to the “Little Red-Haired Girl”.
The Movie was an excellent family film. All children would love the film. Many people in the theater were laughing and repeatedly said, “Aww” to specific scenes in the movie. On the other hand, some scenes where Snoopy goes into an adventurous fantasy were found boring to some viewers. Other than those few scenes, the movie was a funny, heartwarming, and a very good representation of the old cartoon.

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