Sadies: Do We Really Wish We’re There?


WAKE UP everyone! On March 8th, Baldwin Park High School will be hosting their very own Sadie Hawkins dance themed to Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD! The music and the posters will be provided, and made, by ASB. “It will be out of this world,” Juan Rodriguez, a member of ASB says. So, come and join the Braves in the gym so you too can be STARGAZING from 7 to 11pm. If you already bought your ticket, get ready to feel the bass to SICKO MODE. Keep in mind, this dance will not tolerate any bystanders; be prepared to dance.

But, as wonderful as this dance sounds, there have been some BPHS students who have expressed their dislike towards this year’s theme. Karmen Escorago, a BPHS junior says, “$20 is too expensive for an event that’s going to take place in the gym, which doesn’t have AC,” a true downfall of having school dances in the gymnasium.

“Many people don’t like the Astroworld theme,” she further states, “It honestly seems like ASB only favors themselves when making school events.” In response, an anonymous ASB member states that the club keeps the theme a secret during its planning stage only to build up the anticipation. However, this final product isn’t what some Braves expected.

Crystal Chavira-Ordunez also agrees with Karmen Escorago and says, “It’s a wacko theme.”; proclaiming that the sophomores from the ASB class, who are the lead every year for the Sadies theme, picked a theme that fits their age group, but it doesn’t really resonate with others.

Overall, the initial reaction of the students isn’t what ASB anticipated either, as they do put in time and effort to give attendees the best experience they can possibly create. Trends come and go, and so did the appreciation for the Astroworld album. Going with this theme after Astroworld hit its peak may have not been the smartest choice, but Sadies can still be a night to remember. So, come out and enjoy!

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