Did the ASB Kids Waste Their Money?


As fellow Vanguard staff writer, Sean Muse, had written before: You need an insulated bottle. Not only does an insulated bottle help the environment by reducing plastic consumption, these handy, reusable water bottles help to keep your cold drink icy, and your hot drink steaming, whichever one you prefer. In fact, there are many other benefits when it comes to purchasing an insulated bottle, all of which you can learn about when you read Sean Muse’s, “Why You Need An Insulated Bottle” article. With that being said about why an insulated bottle is a necessity in your life, I am now here to tackle the issue of what kind of insulated bottle you need.

As someone susceptible to purchasing the latest trends, I knew the moment that I laid my eyes on it, that I would end up buying a Hydro Flask. A Hydro Flask is an insulated bottle and the most popular one out on the market today. This insulated bottle ranges from a 12 oz. kid size to a very large, and very pricey, 64 oz. Hydro Flasks come in a variety of colors, which you can customize if you choose to, and different types of caps; standard mouth flex cap, standard mouth insulated sport cap, wide mouth flex cap, wide mouth flex straw lid, and hydro flip. These insulated bottles even have a lifetime warranty on them.

I purchased my Hydro Flask about a month ago. The Hydro Flask I got is a 32 oz. bottle in a charming blueberry color. The initial price of my hydro flask was about $40. However, I had to pay additional fees for taxes and shipping, and my price went up to a whopping $53. This was the first strike for me. As someone who makes minimum wage, buying this insulated bottle for more than $50 made me ache for a good three weeks. It is very pricey, there is no doubt about it.

Along with the receipt for this bottle, another strike for me was how long the package took to actually ship. Not only did it take a good week before leaving the official facility to ship, my Hydro Flask took another two weeks to actually arrive at my house. As an incredibly impatient person, this was very frustrating, especially, when you consider how much was spent on the bottle.

Now, for the bottle itself. It is a very good reusable bottle, and it does keep my water super cold for long periods of time. In fact, the ice cubes I put into my hydroflask in the morning (7 a.m.) typically lasts until my fifth period (2 p.m.). Also, thanks to its large size and easy to bring everywhere model, I find myself drinking more and more water everyday. Another plus? My hydro flask is pretty cute, and I’ve gotten several compliments on it’s exquisite color. But, would I recommend it?

Honestly, no, I wouldn’t. Though the Hydro Flask does live up to its promises and is very aesthetically pleasing to carry around, there are other bottles that could take its place for a much cheaper price. The ThermoFlasks manufactured by Costco work just as well, and you can even purchase two 40 oz. bottles for the same initial price of my 32 oz. Hydro Flask ($40). Moreover, you can even buy dependable insulated bottles at Target or Walmart for a little more than $20. By buying an insulated bottle in store, you can not only skip out on an expensive price but, also, the wait of having a package shipped.

Ultimately, the Hydro Flask is a pretty nifty bottle to have. But, you can get just as good of a bottle for half the price. Spend your money wisely and get yourself a ThermoFlask from Costco, or any other insulated bottle from Target or Walmart (both of which have a large selection to choose from).

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