Two Mile Extra Credit



Get your running shoes and fill up your insulated bottle! Mr. Valbuena, Statistics and Pre-Calculus teacher at Baldwin Park High School, is giving away extra credit to his statistics students if they walk two miles on the high school track. This idea of his has been in the works since the beginning of the school year. After a wait for approval from the principal, Mr.Valbuena’s extra credit opportunity was given the green light.

The first of many two mile extra credit opportunities was held on Saturday, November 3rd. Through Remind, Mr.Valbuena informed his students and the starter’s pistol was shot. The students gathered at the track around eight in the morning, ready with their comfortable shoes and their bottles of water.

“I was happy with how many people turned out,” stated Mr. Valbuena, “I honestly thought only a handful of students would show up. It was nice seeing people attend and I hope it gains momentum.”

His students even brought their friends who weren’t even part of his class, showing that other kids are also interested in the walk.

“I thought it was great because we were exercising while getting extra credit,” said Haydee Molina, senior at BPHS.

Indeed, this idea of Valbuena’s is amazing considering that most of his students are juniors and seniors, which means that a majority don’t have a physical education class. Because of this, students who are not in a sport or in band don’t necessarily exercise. According to, kids and teens need about 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Furthermore, adults over 18 should be getting 2 hours and 30 minutes of cardio a week. Maybe more teachers will become involved in this extra credit idea for their benefit as well as to get their students out and exercising.

The eight laps around the track took around forty minutes. Once completed, Mr. Valbuena gave his students an extra credit slip that gave 10 points for an assessment and 3 points for a test. Want to walk two miles with Mr. Valbuena? Stop by room 705 to ask about his next walk.


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