New Club On The Block


Calling all students in A.P. and honors classes, this one is for you! There’s a new club on BPHS’ campus, and it’s a club dedicated to helping A.P. and Honors students maintain their mental health as they face the heavy load of their coursework. The club is called Scholar Support and it offers several different types of support for students taking academically challenging classes. Scholar Support meets on Thursdays, after school, in room 804 with Mr. Millan.

Since freshman and sophomores do take honors classes, the club is offered to all grades at BPHS, and, during meetings for this club, study hall, de-stressing activities and movie nights are offered.

Two of the main goals of the club are to relieve students’ pressure from their A.P./honors classes, and to provide incentives for these students. It’s no secret that many academically advanced students face a lot of stress when they take these classes. Often, these students are promised the A.P. credit from these classes without being offered motivation during their year long commitment. Scholar Support hopes to change that as President Kendra Nguyen, a junior, is currently reaching out for donations for a bus to tour the Claremont Colleges as a way to help remind club members to keep an eye on the prize (college), and is emphasizing the importance of spending time on self-care.

Brianna Rivera, Vice President of Scholar Support and senior at BPHS, says that, “As soon as I heard that someone wanted to create a club just for supporting A.P. students, I was all for it. Sometimes it’s a struggle to stay motivated and to maintain your mental health when you’re in one, or many A.P. classes, and it’s definitely a blessing to have a club that wants to help you do well in those hard classes.”

Now, for all students who are not in A.P. or Honors classes and feel as though they are excluded, don’t fret. While Scholar Support does specifically focus on students in those classes, Kendra Nguyen and Brianna Rivera understand that mental health is incredibly important and state that they would not turn away any student who wishes to join Scholar Support. Keep in mind that the club does not provide extra resources for A.P. and Honors students, but, instead, is focused on providing de-stressing activities. However, with that being said, the BPHS NAMI club, the Girls’ and Boys’ Talk hosted by Kaiser, and the school psychologist/therapist are always available for any student who feels overwhelmed. If any student feels as though they need more academic support, please reach out to your counselors or visit the Career Center in room 507.

There has been a lot of controversy and negative comments directed towards Scholar Support, and Kendra Nguyen states that she is “…so glad that there are so many that are activists for mental health and education of students in low income communities. However [in regard to the negativity that her club is facing], please remember that I am also a student. I am still learning to cope with my own struggles… My focus on the mental health of A.P. students does stem from my personal experiences. I cannot address all issues, but if there is a problem that you are passionate about addressing, please contact me and I would love to help you get started on a project of your own!”

If anyone would like any more information on the club and/or wishes to join, feel free to ask any of Scholar Support’s officers personally, or send a message through remind (code is 39ff9h). Kendra Nguyen (President, junior), Brianna Rivera (Vice President, senior), Paulina Frausto (Secretary, junior), and John Garcia (Treasurer, junior) all welcome your questions. Also, to keep up with updates, follow the club on Instagram (@scholarsupport).

Scholar Support is the new club on the block, and it’s a club here to stay so that BPHS A.P. and Honors students can receive support so they can be healthy and successful.

(Featured image, left to right: John Garcia, Paulina Frausto, Brianna Rivera, and Kendra Nguyen)

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