Day of the Dead


There’s nothing dead about Baldwin Park High School’s annual Day of the Dead event as it offered those who attended an authentic cultural experience with Folklorico dancers and danzas de concheros. This year was the 8th anniversary of the event, and the Dual Language students, as usual, did a fantastic job. Along with having Folklorico dancers and dances de concheros, there were also two Norteño bands playing, and a taco truck was even on campus to offer the classic Mexican dish to all those who were craving it (at a cheap price of $1.25).

Not only was the event very lively with music and dances, the Day of the Dead festival also
brought awareness to various social issues that are currently present throughout our society, such as the #MeToo Movement and the political tension in Nicaragua. These issues were brought to light thanks to several BPHS clubs who participated in the event by making altars. Adelante Mujer Latina made an altar about the femicides in Juarez, Mexico, and their president, Nathalie Vera, said, “The most difficult part [of making the altar] was getting everything we wanted in the altar to fit the restrictions, but everything was worth it. I’ve been going since freshman year and I can definitely say that this year was the best.”

Nathalie wasn’t the only one to rave about how enjoyable the Day of the Dead event was. Jessica Gonzales, a senior, stated that, “I would definitely come back to this memorializing event after I graduate,” because of how much she enjoyed all the activities and cultural awareness that the event had to offer.

One of the Folklorico dancers for the event, Ana Amador, emphasized how, “The Día de
Los Muertos event is the best event the school puts on.”

Whether you’re looking for a magnificent, cultural, and enlightening event, or feel like bringing awareness to a certain topic that you’re passionate about, make sure to come out to next year’s Día De Los Muertos event.

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