Is It Too Early For Christmas?


Halloween just ended, and people are already celebrating Christmas. Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, is being played, Starbucks already came out with their usual Christmas drinks, and Disneyland already has their decorations up. It is agreed that Christmas is one of the biggest holidays of the year, but is it too soon? A Twitter poll was posted asking what the followers of the Vanguard account thought about this and 40 percent of them voted that everyone needs to calm down, there’s still Thanksgiving. Sixty percent of the people voted that it’s completely OK to celebrate to your hearts content, and have a holly jolly Christmas.

There is still, on this day, 49 days left until Christmas Day. No other holiday gets this much hype for one day. No one would start celebrating Valentines Day in December, and no one talks about Easter in February. Some think that all this early Christmas celebration is just a business tactic. All the commercials roll out the week after Halloween and they are already trying to get you to buy presents from their businesses. They are trying to prove how much of a bargain their company is compared to their  competitors. According to the Statista website, holiday sales last year peaked at 655 billion dollars, the highest it has ever been. Christmas is the highlight for most businesses to boost their sales. Stores begin putting up their decorations as soon as Halloween is over to remind shoppers that it is that time of the year again.

Some may argue that Thanksgiving has not passed yet, therefore Christmas shouldn’t be celebrated. Even though Thanksgiving is still a holiday that is celebrated, it is the underdog of the two. Christmas is more celebrated and exciting due to the suspense. People can’t wait to get their loved ones gifts that they will hopefully love, families typically have reunions, it is generally associated with happiness. Getting a full course meal that will last the family for the rest of the week is beyond amazing, but people would rather celebrate the day of the big jolly man who steals your cookies.



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