Spooky Senior Sunrise


For nearly a month, the Baldwin Park High School ASB was brewing in their cauldron for what would be called the Senior Spooky Sunrise. Arriving at 5:50 in the morning on Friday, October 26th, ASB gathered all their spooky materials and began to decorate the football field before the sun rose above the horizon. The snack bar near the football field was garnished with big posters, creating Halloween themed photo ops for everyone to enjoy.

“It was a little stressful because of the amount of time we we were given but it all paid off once we saw everyone having a good time,” stated Jordan Butler, a senior in the Baldwin Park High School ASB.

The gates to the football field opened at 6:30 am and slowly but surely, the zomby-like seniors of Baldwin Park High School started to walk on the field bundled up with their blankets and lots of snacks. They then began to hold their spot by placing their blankets on the damp, cold field, and gathered with their friends in a picnic styled manner.

“I liked how it was the one time I actually got to school on time and how my friends and I all sat around bundled up eating donuts,” said Julieta Rivera, senior at BPHS.

At one end of the field, ASB offered hot cocoa, breakfast burritos, and a Spooky Snack Activity which consisted of being able to decorate your own Rice Krispy treat. As the sun began to rise above the scoreboard, so did the activity of the seniors. Energetic music was played through the infamous ASB bluetooth speaker that is normally pushed around the quad, now getting most people on their feet and dancing like there was no tomorrow. The sun glowed across the field upon everyone’s faces and many people took this opportunity to get the “perfect selfie.” Although the sun was blinding, nothing radiated brighter than the seniors’ smiles as they enjoyed these events set up for them to commemorate their final year of high school.

“The picture spots were very creative,” stated Haydee Molina, senior attendee of the Senior Sunrise, “it was different than what ASB has done in the past and it was done very well.”

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