Witches Brew #EWW


October 26th marked the day that Starbucks released the most wicked drink ever, the Witches Brew Frappuccino. This purple drink is what Starbucks described on their website as, “an orange crème flavor drink dotted with imaginary Bat Warts and Lizard Scales”.

Although Starbucks did a great job making this drink look spooky, this was more of a trick than a treat. Throughout this drink there are chia seeds that are dyed green and really stand out against the purple colored Frappuccino. The chia seeds give the drink a very interesting clumpy texture.

Starbucks tends to coordinate their flavors with their colors just like the red strawberry syrup in their Frappula signifying blood, or the green green apple in the Zombie Frappuccino signifying zombie skin, but this drink was a complete 180. Although the color purple could be correlated with the brew inside of a witch’s pot, on might think the purple drink would taste like purple flavored foods such as grapes, blueberries, or another dark fruit, not an orange.

The best I can describe the taste of this unique drink is somewhere between a creamsicle and orange juice mixed with fruit loops. The flavor definitely left my tastebuds confused about whether I enjoyed the drink or not, but after a few sips I came to the conclusion that this drink was not for me.

With a quick look at the nutrition chart, a grande-sized Witches Brew brings nearly half the maximum amount of saturated fat a normal person should consume in one day. This drink would definitely curse you with high cholesterol.

Needles to say, this drink isn’t terrible but I wouldn’t purchase it again.

Just share it.