Why You Need An Insulated Bottle


Getting an insulated bottle is not only the newest trend, but it is also saving the planet. Insulated bottles are designed to retain heat or even cold temperatures. There are multiple layers within the bottle to make sure your beverage is fresh for a long period of time. The one thing that plastic bottles have that insulated bottles don’t is the BPA chemical. This dangerous chemical is used to coat the inside of plastic water bottles and plastic packaging. Humans are constantly exposed to this chemical that can lead to infertility in women, cancer within babies and brain dysfunctions, according to the article, How does bisphenol A affect health?, written by Suzanne Falck. On the other hand, all stainless steel insulated bottles are BPA free and reduce one’s constant exposure to this harmful chemical. 

Using plastic water bottles can be costly, having to repurchase every single plastic bottle can really burn a hole in one’s pocket and can burn a hole in our environment. On average, every American spends about one hundred dollars on water bottles, nearly double the price of your typical insulated bottle.

Americans are consuming more bottled water than ever – drinking some 9.67 billion gallons in 2012 alone according to an International Bottled Water Association,” stated Becca Blond in the article 3 Reasons Bottled Water Contributes to Global Warming and Should Be Banned From Sale.

These huge numbers really prove that Americans have a bad habit of using plastic bottles without thinking about the consequences. Using an insulated bottle, you only purchase it once, and simply refill the bottle. Bottles range from 8 fluid ounces to 60+ fluid ounces.

“I really like my insulated bottle. It keeps my water cold and I always have the bottle with me so that I can stay hydrated,” said Crystal Chavira-Orduñes, senior at BPHS.

Purchasing a large hydro flask does indeed create the convenience of always having an abundance of water always at your side, increasing your H20 intake. Although these bottles sound like pots and pans being thrown a flight of stairs, they help the environment, increase the amount of money in your pocket in the long run, and even improve your overall well-being.

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