Our Everyday Best Friends


Barking, clawing, and cock-a-doodle doo-ing are not the ideal way to start your mornings. House pets come with variations of baggage, which include the demolition of your favorite shoes and furniture to the recurring food and medical expenses. So, according to the Insurance Information Institute, why do about 85 million American families own a pet?

Well, the reason pet owners are able to look beyond these downsides is because of the comfort, happiness, and support their pets bring them. After all, it is always nice to come home to someone who is beyond excited to see you. Most of us know that warm, comforting feeling you get when your furry friend decides to attack you furiously with slobbery kisses, or rub their fuzzy tail against your legs. But, if you’re one of those people that doesn’t like slobbery kisses and fuzzy tail rubs, you can’t deny the companionship and protection pets provide us. I, personally, know first hand this dedicated, furry protection. I have two dogs, both of whom I love very much, and they always rush to my rescue when a new person comes knocking on my door. Barking loudly and ferociously, or as ferociously as a 10 pound schnauzer can bark, my babies always make sure that strangers know that my house is under protection of the Little Fuzzy Schnauzer Corporation.

Adding on to this everlasting list of why people love pets would be the big listening ears they lend us, serving as our own private therapists as they comfort us in their own ways. There have been countless times when I have had a bad day, and my dogs come up with genius ideas to make me feel better. These genius ideas include providing a cuddle, giving me cute faces, and watching To All The Boys I’ve Loved with me. Iris Sanchez, a senior at Baldwin Park High School, also recalls an affectionate memory of her cat, Leo, who always comforted her with his enthusiastic attitude. “At the time I had him I was having a lot of nightmares. I’d wake up in the middle of the night and he would curl up next to me. It was like he knew that I was scared and was trying to comfort me.”

Yes, barking, clawing, and cock-a-doodle doo-ing are not the ideal way to start your mornings (I can’t explain the amount of times I’ve woken up at 4 a.m. to the barks of my dogs as they witness a cat walking around). Yes, your favorite shoes and furniture may be destroyed (R.I.P. to all those new shoes I forgot to put away). And, yes, you will face a punch in your bank account for the food and medical expenses. But, it’s all worth it. Pets make our lives better by contributing to our overall emotional well-being. They are our listening ears and they are our biggest fans. Plus, they are undeniably cute. So, make sure to give your pet that extra attention today, and try to give them that extra treat as well. I know I will because, the truth is, my life would be drastically altered without the love my chubby, four-legged family members provide. We all have to realize that our pets sees us as their whole world, and we have got to admit that they’re a big, important part of ours.

(Picture of puppies curtesy of Sean Muse, Staff Writer for BPHS Vanguard)


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