Horror Nights, Great Frights!


    Halloween season at Universal Studios Hollywood has begun, and terror is now labelled as the new fun. Always at the top of their game, Universal Studios is hosting their annual Halloween Horror Nights event, featuring their new maze based on the hit Netflix show, “Stranger Things”. This event consists of 8 heart pounding mazes, 5 scare zones, 1 live show, 3 rides, and one must see experience, the Terror Tram. Ranging from $67 to $97, Horror Nights lasts from 7pm to 2am. “True fear comes from within,” is the motto for the year. Are you brave enough to face your inner fears?

    The main way to tackle everything Horror Nights has to offer is by purchasing your tickets online, doing so will make you eligible for early entry. Early entry is key, starting from 5pm till official opening, but the early entry entrance into the park closes at 6:30pm. The Lower Lot and Back Lot mazes open in this order: Stranger Things at 5pm, Trick ‘r Treat at 5:15pm, then Poltergeist, Blumhouse, and The First Purge at 5:30pm. If done in a timely manner, one could finish more than half of the mazes before the opening of Halloween Horror Nights. Because Stranger Things is a popular show, the line for this maze can get as long as three horrifying hours. Getting this done before anything else is definitely a must.

Once completed with the lower lot, heading over to the Terror Tram, once it opens at 7pm with the rest of the event, is preferable. This year it is hosted by Hollywood Harry, a phantom clown who retells stories from his “DeadTime Storiez” book which you will later experience to retell the tale. The Terror Tram drops off about one hundred people every few minutes, which can lead to some terrifying traffic throughout the experience. Getting this done close to opening means less people, less foot traffic, and more time for the scareactors to scare you like there is no tomorrow.

Throughout the day, the lines fluctuate drastically. The best way to stay on top of this and figure out what time is best to visit what maze is by getting the FREE Universal Studios Hollywood App. No data? No problem! Universal offers free and fast WiFi that is accessible throughout the park. The best part of the application is that it reminds the user if a certain maze they have selected has reached a certain wait time. Not only does this save time having to check the application, but it could also save your battery life.

Finally, Universal Studios concludes their Halloween Horror Nights Event by hosting the “Chainsaw Chase Out”. This begins thirty minutes before the park closes, making sure your spine-chilling day ends with a memorable bang. The scareactors from the Hell’s Harvest and the Trick ‘r Treat scare zones come together near the front of the park, equipped with chainsaws. The sound of chainsaws rings throughout the park, accompanied with blood-curdling screams. The feeling of heat coming off a chainsaw while a scareactor is attempting to slice you up is definitely a way to get your heart pounding before you leave for the night. Now that you know how to survive a night at Horror Nights, are you willing to experience it?





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