Sincerely, Kamala D. Harris



On February 14, 2018, the tragic event of the Parkland shooting occurred. This act of terrorism brought sadness and concern about gun control throughout the nation. In response to this, Baldwin Park High School held a controlled “walk-out”. After this memorial, the Gay Straight Alliance hosted a letter writing campaign that allowed students throughout the school to voice their worries, opinions, and sorrow for the students killed in the shooting as well as their family members who don’t have the chance to ever see their loved ones again. Ms. Humason made sure their voices were heard and took their message to the United States Senate. On July 2nd, 2018, Ms. Humason received a letter from Senator Kamala D. Harris, in response to the Braves letters and their concerns with gun laws and regulations.

Senator Harris expressed great appreciation for how the Baldwin Park Braves are engaged in this political process.

“The letter addressed her support of students being politically active and caring strongly about safety at school,” said Humason, “she encouraged students to remain active and that she will represent their concerns in the Senate.”

“Students like you,” addressed Harris, “are our next generation of thinkers and doers, of activists and scientists, of fixers and fighters.” She later said, “You can empower our nation’s most vulnerable citizens, fight to save the environment, and protect the civil liberties of your friends and family.”

Ms. Humason was greatly pleased with the response, happy that the Senator took her time to create a genuine response to her letter. Excited, Humason presented the letter to her Facebook page and to her colleagues at Baldwin Park High School. This letter even went through administration and was shared with the district.

Ms. Humason later stated, “Most people responded in a positive manner and found the letter to be impressive and inspiring.”

Indeed, this letter was very inspiring. It is great that our senate is empowering this generation to become the greatest we can possibly be.

To view the article about our school walkout, there is an article summarizing the walk out event; ‪BPHS is #ENOUGH, written by Mereli Macias.

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