Spring Forward Into the Lighty


The second Sunday of March has passed and everyone is feeling the time change of Daylight Saving Time. This month the time went one hour forward on March 12th. The purpose of this change is to move one hour of daylight from the morning to the evening, giving us days with sunlight for a longer period of time. Some believe that this extra hour of sun reduces the use of electricity since there is no need to turn on your lights early in the afternoon. On the website, “WebExhibits.org” in the article “Daylight Saving Time” they say otherwise.

In India, only 16% of countries followed Daylight Saving Time. They claim to save over $7 million dollars annually, however, researchers from the University of California found evidence that shows the complete opposite. They found out that India actually used $8.6 million more each year because of the time change. Since there is an increase the amount of sunlight they received per day, they had to then use their air conditioners much more frequently.

The website then claims that the general public prefers Daylight Saving Time because there is, “More light in the evenings / can do more in the evenings.” Some countries participate in this time change simply because many people enjoy the “longer days”.

Recently, a survey was conducted within the students of Baldwin Park High School during brunch and these are some of their responses:

“I personally do not like Daylight Saving Time because I lose an hour of sleep,” stated Julieta Rivera, BPHS junior.

“It doesn’t necessarily bother me so I don’t care” said Michelle Hernandez, BPHS senior.

In a Twitter poll, 32% voted that they enjoy the change, on the other hand, 68% disagreed. Our opinions can stay the same but the time will always change, until the government says otherwise. Don’t like changing your clocks twice a year? Neither does Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and parts of Arizona, some of the U.S. territories that don’t change their time.


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