iPad Pro or iPad No?


The iPad Pro is the newest tablet in the market, competing against the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. From first glance this tablet has a bigger screen and smaller side bezels. The new screen on the iPad is so detailed, it will blow you away. Pictures look crisp and videos look so clear, it’s pleasing to the eye. Within the screen, it detects the visual temperature of the room and accommodates to give the best visual response possible. Apple calls this feature a “True Tone Display”. This tablet also has the capability to take pictures at the same quality of the iPhone 7. It holds a 12 megapixel sensor and for such a massive tablet, the pictures come out surprisingly sharp for such a big tablet.

Compared to other iPads, this one has Touch ID, extremely quick and extremely convenient. When listening to music or videos, the tablet can also become super loud with 4 speakers, with 2 located on the top and 2 on the bottom. This feature definitely gives a unique surround sound feel. Apple then claims that the iPad can last up to 10 hours on a full charge. If a person does not highly depend on the tablet, they can easily go two days without worrying about the battery.

Apple recently released the iOS 11 for the iPad and it is now more like a MacBook than an iPhone. You can now multitask by using the split screen feature, the most useful feature in my opinion. You can watch videos on YouTube about the Bill of Rights while writing an essay on the 10 amendments, at the exact same time! Apple also released the new dock, when you swipe up from the bottom of the screen, you pull up multiple applications of your choice.

This piece of technology is like if an iPhone and MacBook got married up and had a beautiful baby. This light, portable, touchscreen computer can also be used as your notebook. You can purchase a very special, and expensive, Apple Pencil, for about $100. This pencil is unique, containing sensors right at the tip. It can detect the pressure being applied so that your lines will show up thick or thin. Users will definitely not get that “pencil on paper” feel but it’s something to get used to. With this pencil, you can also download drawing apps so you can create the most detailed, colorful art ever.

My main reason why I purchased this tablet was to edit my photos. Using my phone was not doing justice since the screen is too small and I can’t see the fine details. I was definitely blown away when I first started editing on the iPad Pro. All my pictures were crisp and I could zoom in and fix even the smallest details. I’ve been able to improve my pictures a lot better now with the iPad and I’m beyond content. The iPad does take a while to charge but plugging it in before I go to bed does just fine.

Overall, I give this amazing tablet a 10/10. I have not had any problems using it. The iPad Pro is so quick it still amazes me. I give the Apple Company a nice round of applause because, in my opinion, it is perfect.

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