S’winter Sports Rally


As winter is coming to an end so are the seasonal sports, so BPHS held a S’winter sports rally on Friday, February 2nd. Adding a twist to the classic winter sports rallies and calling it S’winter is to congratulate teams for their hard work and achievements throughout the winter, and celebrate the coming of spring sports. Put together by the ASB staff, the gym was filled with students either participating in the rally or congratulating teams.

Sports such as girls water polo, boys and girls soccer and basketball celebrated the end of the season at the rally and gave students a brief speech about what they have accomplished throughout the season as well as what the sport means to them. The boys soccer team will go on to compete in CIF as they have been announced undefeated in their division. A Braves chant was sung by each team to express their passion and dedication towards their sports team.

“We’ve become a family more than a team, and I’m really happy to see how much we’ve improved in just this season,” stated sophomore Jade Escobar, the captain of the girls varsity water polo team.

With songs performed by the BPHS Entertainment Corps. the rally was in full swing. Performing pieces like “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes, and presenting an original piece put on by the Braves marching band made the crowd go wild, not to mention the amazing stunts provided by the Braves cheer team, they gave students a first look at their competition stunts and choreography pieces which put the crowd on the edge of their seats. Bobby the Brave was also seen roaming the bleachers of the gym throughout the rally giving out Braves gear and soaking up the energy of the students.

Crystal Soto, a senior at BPHS and member of the woodwind section for the Braves marching band stated “I think I speak for all of the band when I say we were really tired but excited to put on the performance. We love what we do and work really hard.”

To welcome the new beginning of spring sports, spirit games were played and the juniors vs. seniors dodge ball tournament was announced, which will take place this March and is open to all students who would like to attend. There is still space for more teams wanting to compete between grades and all it takes is $2.00, which will be donated to the junior and senior classes.

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