Paradise Pier is Gone Forever


January 8th was the official closure of one of the favorite areas in all of California Adventure, Paradise Pier. This section of the park has basically stayed the same since its opening in 2001. With little tweaks throughout the years the overall feel has been been the same: a California Pier side Fair. When first opened, this section of the park had no Disney theming at all. Many complaints pointed this problem out and Disney quickly went back to the drawing board. A Mickey face was added to the Ferris Wheel and a Toy Story themed attraction was built. Soon, Paradise Pier became the iconic photo spot for every Instagram account.

The main star of the show was the first looping coaster at Disneyland: California Screamin’. This fast paced launch coaster was an immediate hit, a fast rollercoaster that loops and plays music during the ride, a masterpiece. This ride was a people eater, the line was long but was constantl moving. Disney was able to put multiple cars on one track, offering a wait time no longer than forty five minutes.

A Disney Expo was then held on July 17th, 2017, at the Anaheim Convention Center, with ideas and updates for their many parks announced by Disney themselves. Then one change was announced and the public was not happy. They announced that Paradise Pier would forever be changed to Pixar Pier. The revamped land would offer an Incredibles themed coaster, Pixar “Neighborhoods,” and new Pixar themed dining experiences. The change was set for only three months after the announcement. Many fans were beyond angry that Disney is taking away their “Favorite Land.” Not many people were able to take a couple of steps back and realize that Paradise Pier is technically still there, with just a new theme. Nothing in reality was changing, it’s just a new look. Everyone was quick to put up their opinions online and even started a petition to stop the whole project.

It’s been nearly a month and the fire has finally died down. The anger and frustration has turned into acceptance and excitement. The public finally put all their trust into Disney’s hands and can’t wait for what new experiences they have to offer. This project is set to be completed for the summer season of 2018, along with a grand celebration called Pixar Fest. Pixar Fest is a resort-wide Pixar themed party. A new fireworks show, World of Color, and even a new parade are all set to start alongside the opening of Pixar Pier.

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