P.B.I.S. at B.P.H.S


Baldwin Park High School is introducing a new program for all of their students. P.B.I.S stands for Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports and has just been adopted by BPHS in order to establish a support plan for students. This system includes many methods for students to be recognized and awarded for their behavioral efforts. To welcome P.B.I.S. Baldwin Park High School held a rally on Thursday, February 1, for the students and explained what the new program is and how it works.

Put together by ASB, the rally was decorated beautifully and the Braves cheer and entertainment corps. both participated to make the event one of a kind. Principal Ippolito and Vice Principal Steinmetz spoke at the rally and introduced the new system to students. Rewards such as Brave Bucks, will be used to congratulate students for outstanding behavior that demonstrates the way a Brave should act. Brave Bucks can be awarded to students by any staff at BPHS and can be used to win prizes such as gift cards, theme park discounts, and even coupons to fast food restaurants.

“I think it’s a good idea that they’re acknowledging the good students and give everyone a chance to get a reward,” explained senior Joshua Meraz.

The hope for P.B.I.S is that it will bring students a desire to strive for positive behavior, and those who do will be rewarded for their efforts. A general sense of positivity will roam the halls of BPHS and fill students with pride for their school. Students have begun participating in the new system already and have joined the P.B.I.S Club. This club will help give the school a greater sense of what high school students believe will benefit their high school experience, as well as what they will carry with them after graduating.

“It seems like a great way to push students for greatness and we’ll see how it can provide positive behavior and actions,” expressed Fred Swift.

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