Oh Snap! They Saved My Chat! (Not Really)

Snapchatting has become one of most influential social media platforms around, however, there has been talk of the company’s most recent privacy policy changes. Many seem to believe that Snapchat has obtained the right to invade one’s privacy by saving both sent photos and messages. After hearing the rumors being spread, Snapchat responded to the claims on a blog post stating, “The Snaps and Chats you send your friends remain as private today as they were before the update.” So no, you don’t have to fear the unmasking of that horribly awkward selfie you sent your best friend; however, this situation brings to light the true sentiments of social media users when it comes to the invasion of their privacy.

With the rapid expansion of social media platforms all around the world, internet privacy has become a prominent issue in today’s tech-oriented society. According to statistic database Statista.com, 80 percent of respondents believed total digital privacy to be a thing of the past. Have we reached a point where we are so involved with living our digital lives that we have forgotten the real world repercussions of sharing our personal information?

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