Apple Watch A Joke?


Now that I have an Apple watch, I don’t think I’ll ever miss a notification again. Getting a reminder or message and viewing it by simply a turn of the wrist is such a convenience. Some may argue that having a phone is enough and don’t see the need for having a smaller gadget wrapped around ones wrist. I also did not understand the desire for having a smaller iPhone on my wrist, but after wearing the watch for almost three months now, the watch feels like a necessity.

 As soon as I got the watch for Christmas (thank you Mom and Dad), I understood why the reviews were so positive. Turning on the watch and pairing to my phone was so effortless, I didn’t have to do a single thing! After further doing my research, I came to the conclusion that cracking the small, 42mm screen was effortless as well. Immediately I purchased a case and screen protector, knowing that I do not having insurance for the watch.

 The square screen had lots of drama online, arguing that almost all watches have a circular screen. Apple, being the game changing company they are, has stayed with this square screen design and after using it I understand why. Lots of the bells and whistles that the watch offers wouldn’t work well on a circular screen. The watch is basically a convenient phone on your wrist. Imagine using a circular phone? I wouldn’t like it either.

 This small, yet powerful, piece of technology definitely packs a punch. The watch can nearly do the same things (or even more) as your phone. The whole purpose is to conveniently respond or know about a notification without having the hassle of looking for your phone or taking your phone out of your pocket.

 My rating? A 9/10. I definitely understand that some will like it more than others, but it is worth a try. This watch does pack a hefty price of around $300, a day that can be spent at Disneyland, or you can purchase this groundbreaking piece of wearable technology.

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