Bingers Unite!


T-Mobile has recently announced a program called “Binge On,” which offers unlimited free streaming from twenty four different services, including Netflix, HBO, Hulu, ESPN, and Sling TV to their customers. Now, T-Mobile customers will be able to enjoy their precious TV shows on their phone without having to worry about going over their data limit.

Although telephone companies tend to overcharge on their data plans, T-Mobile hopes to attract more customers with this innovative plan.

One thing, however, will be that due to video streaming taking huge amounts of bandwidth on their network, video quality will be throttled to 480p, which is regular DVD quality.

Another concern is that “Binge On” will affect Net Neutrality, in that services that participate in the program will have an advantage over those who do not. However, T-Mobile assures that any service may enter into the program free of charge.

For all those that tend to binge watch all their favorite shows on their phone, what a time to be alive!

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