Fortnite: A Fantastic Free-for-All

Fortnite: A Fantastic Free-for-All

The Battle Royal genre has grown immensely since its creation in 2017, and is only expected to keep growing as new titles are released to profit from this new gaming craze. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is the game that started this genre, and game companies are still hesitant to invest in this new phase of gaming. Epic Games, the company behind Unreal Tournament and Paragon, decided to throw their hat into the ring with Fortnite: Battle Royal.

The map of Fortnite as of January 18, 2017.

The premise of a Battle Royal game is simple. One hundred players are dropped into a huge island where they must fight for weapons and resources. Weaponry consists of assault rifles, pistols, sub-machine guns, and snipers, while the resources are bandages, armor/protection, and the guns’ respected bullets. Every couple minutes the map gets smaller, having players constantly move and fight their way to the center. The last person alive wins it all. These types of games take advantage of primitive survival instincts to create thrills of adrenaline rushes for players.

Fortnite establishes their spot in the genre through utilizing a mechanic that is commonly found in sandbox games, building. Being able to build walls, stairs, floors, and traps from resources found throughout the map (such as wood, brick, and steel) allows for individual player’s creativity and innovation to win it big. Want to scale a mountain for some loot? Build a staircase all the way up. Need some cover from enemy fire? Construct a fort in the blink of an eye. Want to gain ground on an enemy? Just build a wall as you’re running towards them. These examples don’t even scratch surface of the ways you could creatively and effectively use building in this game. The fact that building can be used effectively for both offense and defense truly shows how remarkably unique and genius it is for a Battle Royal game.

Fortnite is also known for how well it can perform on both high-end and low-end computers. The cartoon art style the game not only provides solid framerate during firefights, but also manages to grab people who have grown tired of realistic and dull-colored shooters from recent years. Optimization, how effective a game is at running on a computer in simple terms, in Fortnite is top notch and is made for users who don’t have the best computers but want the best experience possible.  The reason for this is because Epic Games made the Unreal Engine, a game creation platform used to make hit titles such as Borderlands 2 and BioShock 1 & 2, and are masters of making games run as smoothly as possible. This factor alone has players flocking to Fortnite as their preferred Battle Royal game, due to PUBG being notorious for its terrible optimization and inability to be considered playable on a majority of computers. Last, but not least, this game is free-to-play. While Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds comes with a price tag of $30, there is no financial deterrent to playing Fortnite if you want to.

Overall, I’ve found that is game is most enjoyable with friends, screaming at each other for help or where an enemy is located is truly hilarious in its own right. Fortnite demonstrates how effective it is for game companies to take a genre and put their own creative spin of the formula to create a fantastic new experience for players. I’d say that this game is definitely worth your time, so get out there and kill to the top.


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