Two Thousand and One Flags of Honor


COVINA, CA — From November 7th through 15th, the Covina Rotary Club hosted the fourth annual Field of Valor at Sierra Vista Middle School. The Covina Rotary Club is one of the oldest clubs in the San Gabriel Valley and serves the local community by organizing and taking part in many service projects. Rotary International is an organization that brings business leaders together to provide humanitarian services.

This event encouraged a sense of patriotism, and honored the many veterans for their dedication and service to the country. Two-thousand and one flags were arranged on the school field; anyone could visit until they were taken down on November 15th. The black ribbons tied around the flags indicate that the veteran has passed away, and the yellow ribbons mark those still serving today.

On a warm Veterans’ Day afternoon, individuals of all different ages gathered at Sierra Vista Middle School to see the flags. Stacks of pamphlets were laid out, t-shirts were sold, and flags were bought for $35 to honor veterans.

Students from Key Club and Circle K (for Key Club alumni in college) arrived to volunteer as well. They assisted those who needed help finding the flag representing their veteran, and helped finish a load of paperwork for the Rotary Club. The students explained that they have volunteered at this event every year and that they love to serve for a great cause, especially on Veterans’ Day.

From West Covina High School’s Key Club, sophomore Carla Luansing said she loves listening to family members explain their stories while she directs them to their flags.

“They tell me stories about the veterans that have fallen, or that they have known, and they tell me their life stories and it’s really cool,” she said. “I plan on volunteering every single year because it’s really fun and this community’s really amazing.”

Also, Robert Curry, President and CEO of Citrus Valley Health Partners, came to volunteer for his 4th Field of Valor.  He is heavily involved with events such as these and hopes that everyone can stop by to experience this event. Many service organizations and sponsors came to this event as well.

“Another benefit is not just to those who have served, but it’s to raise money and support those who are returning now with tough times, like many are homeless, so the money we raise goes to help them from active duty to active life.”

The school field had a lively atmosphere.  The recognition of the veterans and people coming together to help created a sense of community.

“As long as I’m healthy, I will be here,” Robert Curry said with a smile. “People are not only invited, but encouraged to come to pay tribute and respect to those who have given their life and given service.”

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