Block Schedule Every Day


Is one hour too short for one class? Having to cram a long lesson into 60 minutes can be stressful for the student as well as the teacher. Some may say a way to alleviate this situation is to have block schedule. This schedule would only be 1st, 2nd, and 5th for one day then 2nd, 4th, and 6th the next. Each period would be about two hours long, giving time for the student and teacher to fully grasp the educational material.

“It makes the day feel faster, plus when I have homework, I have more time to do it,”stated Paulina Serrano, Baldwin Park High School Senior.

Having block schedule does mean that students have an extra day to finish their assignments, but because more is being taught in one period, does this mean there will be more homework as well? If the school would implement this as a permanent schedule, it would definitely take some time to get used to . Some may think both options have their benefits and drawbacks. Having to sit in a classroom for two hours can definitely be a drag but having to learn two completely different subjects in two hours can also be exhausting.

“I like regular schedule better only because I feel more productive since I’m going through all my subjects,” stated junior Krystal Clarin.

Maybe having all classes in one day isn’t that bad. You’re plowing through each subject and it keeps you on your toes. Having to learn new material for one subject for too long can be mentally straining. Regular schedule is like taking small sprints down the track and taking short breaks in-between, as where block schedule can be like running a full mile yet you have a longer time to rest. After all, you’re still getting the same education within the same span of 9 months. Whether you like to run the mile or do the sprint, it all comes down to if you pass the class and what you got out of it.


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