Should You Get an ASB Card?


For years Baldwin Park High School has been selling students ASB cards for $40. What is an ASB card? With your purchase, you get a stamp on the bottom of your ID. This colored stamp will provide you with free or reduced price access to Baldwin Park High School events that require a purchase for entry. This card is extremely beneficial for the students who love supporting their friends in any sports or extracurricular activities. Typically football tickets run for about $5, but with your ASB card, it is free! All students benefit from the ASB card with free admission to home games and discounts for dances, performances, and the yearbook . With the card a student can save as much as $100 throughout their whole school year! It is definitely a benefit being able to participate in the high school activities without having to worry about asking your parents for money so you can attend. Are you a senior? This amazing card even provides an amazing discounted price for Grad Night! Please do not miss out on this awesome opportunity to save your money and purchase your ASB card as soon as possible! The ASB office is always selling during brunch, lunch, and after school until 3:30.


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