Are You Loco For Coco?


Coco has been released and this movie is definitely something you do not want to miss. The whole movie revolves around the importance of family and the power of music. Miguel (the main character) is in love with music but the whole family forbids it due to a musically talented relative who abandoned the family years prior. The family uses music as the scape-goat for the whole situation. Now that Miguel is part of the family he has fallen in love with playing the guitar despite the family’s history. Curiosity over takes Miguel and he soon finds himself in the Land Of The Dead with his deceased relatives. He then ventures throughout the land to pursue his dream.

The movie consists of a all Latino cast and it is also incredibly, culturally accurate. Three actors you may recognize that are in this movie are Lombardo Boyar, Jaime Camil, and Gabriel Iglesias. Boyar and Iglesias both have around the same background of being comedians. Camil has a familiar face within the telenovela industry, acting since 1987. The animators took a long trip throughout central America. The main city that inspired the animators was Guanajuato, Mexico. The colorful and vibrant buildings inspired the main look of the depiction of the Land Of The Dead in Coco. Throughout the movie the family explains the meanings behind the rituals and its almost a learning experience. It’s definitely helpful especially for non-Latin movie viewers. Although this movie is full of musical moments it definitely is not your typical musical movie. Most movies break out in acts to express their feelings in that moment, but when the music starts playing in Coco, it makes you want to dance right out of your chair.

The main song throughout this movie is “Remember Me”. Throughout the movie this song is played multiple time and even in multiple ways. This song definitely holds a strong meaning in every single aspect of the movie. Plan on watching the movie soon? Make sure to bring lots of tissues, you’ll thank me after!

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