BPHS Blood Drive


Tuesday, December 12th, is the day Vampires would die for, the Baldwin Park High School Red Cross Blood Drive! This is a time for students to sign up and donate their blood or their plasma to help out those in need. According to the American Red Cross website, they recommend drinking lots of water and consuming iron rich foods prior to your donation. Wearing comfortable clothes is suggested due to how much time the process takes.

Donors are willing to give one pint of blood or three pints for their plasma. The pre donation process includes a lengthy questionaire, and being fed lots of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches by the A.S.B. staff. The Red Cross then looks at your health history and you will receive a mini-physical. The donation can take as little as ten minutes and if you donate your plasma it could take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. Plasma donations are much appreciated due to the lack of participants. Many people are fearful of the amount of blood drawn, but any donation is valued. After donating you will receive refreshments passed out by  A.S.B. The Red Cross also recommends staying hydrated even post-donation due to the amount of blood lost. Donors will receive a free T-Shirt for being eligible to donate.

“Initially, I was nervous to donate blood.” stated junior Enrique Martinez. “During the process, I felt relaxed and couldn’t really feel anything. Afterwards, I felt a bit dizzy but overall very content that I was able to donate blood to people who really needed it.”

If you are ever interested on donating your blood to the American Red Cross you can always check with the ASB room and ask for the donation dates. There will be posters around school and announcements when the next donation event comes around.

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