Christmas At Disneyland


Friday, November 10th, was the official start of the Christmas season at Disneyland. As soon as Halloween Day passes, Christmas decorations go up extremely fast. All of Main Street U.S.A. is garnished in garlands and there is a towering 60 feet Christmas tree that welcomes you at the Town Square. The highlight of this time of the year is the castle that is covered in snow, then it is lit up at night. The castle glows as thousands of lights shine on the roof of the castle and there are icicles that hang down giving it that beautiful final touch. One of the most memorable parts of this celebration is the snowfall that happens along Main Street U.S.A. This snow is gingerbread scented and create an amazing effect, especially since it would never snow in Orange County.

Disneyland isn’t the only park the celebrates Christmas. Its neighbor, California Adventure, has its own style for the season. This park offers a wide variety of cultural celebrations such as Viva Navidad, a show where the Tres Caballeros celebrate with dancers from Mexico and Brazil. There is even a group called “Blue 13,” a Bollywood-type dance party that involves Indian folk dances. All of these varieties of entertainment really set a good representation of California and how much of a cultural range this state offers.

During this season, there are two rides that are completely changed: Haunted Mansion and It’s a Small World. Haunted Mansion is changed to: Haunted Mansion Holiday. This ride is taken over by the movie, “Nightmare Before Christmas” by Tim Burton. Every single inch of this ride is decorated making it a completely new experience. In the ride, you see how all of the characters decorate the mansion as they count down to the gleeful day of Christmas.  Same goes for Its a Small World, changed to: Its a Small World Holiday. All the children from around the world celebrate the wonderful season of Christmas. The melody of the ride is changed by combining Jingle Bells into the song. One of the best parts of this ride is the outdoor façade. It is covered in thousands of colorful twinkling lights that really is a spectacle to see.

One of the seasonal events that happens at Disneyland is the crowds. Oh the crowds, almost everyone wants to celebrate at this annual event. Please expect heavy crowds whenever you visit. Lines can get as long as two hours for almost all rides. One pro-tip to skip the crowds and make the most of your day is to purchase Max-Pass, Disney’s new virtual fast pass system. This new addition to the fast passes cost $10 per person, but having the convenience of booking a fast pass for Space Mountain without having to leave your seat is definitely a benefit. Another tip to get the most done is to arrive at the park one hour before it opens its gates.  You can line up at the ticket booths and the public is then let onto Main Street U.S.A half an hour before opening. They then have a daily opening ritual called “Rope Drop” where they rope off the lands, afterwards they count down to open the lands and you are now the first handful of people on your favorite ride. The crowds are extremely light the first hour the park is open so you can do the most you possibly can, and get the most Fast passes. Characters also meet early in the morning so if you have a favorite princess you would like to meet, the early bird gets the worm. Can’t get there early? Stay till the park closes! Typically, Disneyland closes at 1 a.m. unless there is a special event. By the time the fireworks show has finished, most of the crowds are gone. This is the prime time for rides because there is usually little to no wait. With all this said, Disneyland is truly the happiest place on earth, and also the merriest. With all the shows, rides, and characters, how could you not feel as jolly as Santa Claus?



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