Zombie Frappuccino: Ghoulishly Good



Starbucks just released their new “Zombie Frappuccino” last week and there are very mixed feelings towards it. The frappuccino consisted of a Blood Red syrup (Mocha flavored) on the bottom of the cup, the middle was a Green Apple flavored slush, and the whole thing was topped off with the “Brains,” a pink colored whipped cream. The red and green colored frappuccino, when mixed, create a pale gray/green color.

Aesthetically, I really liked this drink. I’m a constant Starbucks customer so whenever they debut a new drink, I’m all for it. It took two attempts in order to get the drink with all the intended elements. When I first got the Frappuccino they had run out of the “Brains,” so instead I got just the regular whipped cream. Since the chocolate blood was drizzled on the bottom that was the first thing I tasted. It was very sweet, but not very chocolatey. I then got a combination of the chocolate and green apple and it instantly reminded me of the green apple lollipops I used to eat as a child. I really enjoyed the drink and I had to try it a second time.

The next time around I was successful and finally got the brains. As I finished the whole drink and got to the whipped cream I expected at least some type of flavor but disappointingly it literally was just pink colored whipped cream. I still really enjoyed the drink and it was just as good as the first time.

After my flavor adventure from the dead I did a little research to check out the nutritional facts. For a Grande sized drink packs a sugar punch of a whopping 54 grams of sugar. Didn’t realize this drink was trying to make me join the dead! The drink looks and tastes amazing but this might be a drink you’d want to get only a couple of times.



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