A Boy and his Guitar


To some Mark Lam is a regular old senior at Baldwin Park High School. He’s known for being in water polo and swim, but what many don’t know about Mark is his stress relieving hobby, which is jamming on his guitar.

Mark’s passion started back in 7th grade when his cousin introduced him “to the world of music through a guitar.” His experience had a frustrating beginning, but Mark wanted to commit to the lessons due to his love for music and after a month he got the hang of it. The first song he learned to play was Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups. He was inspired to learn that song after playing it on Rockband. “I wanted to go beyond expert mode.”

After 5 years of perfecting the art of the guitar Mark has plans for this hobby. He wants to write his own lyrics and create some beats to make a song out of it. “Music has became a huge impact and stress reliever. I bring my guitar to school at least once a week just to tune out to it in class,” says Mark. Aside from hobbies Mark is also a huge fan of chicken wings and chicken strips. He wrote a song and poem about chicken wings and plans to perform it at the next BPHS talent show.

“The only thing I love more then music is chicken wings.”

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