Marteen Brings Heat With His Beat


On Monday, October 24th, Marteen Estevez visited Baldwin Park High School to provide a lunch performance. Marteen is a 16 year old singer/songwriter from the Bay Area. The beginning of lunch started off with a D.J. playing popular music and getting the crowd ready for his entrance. In the scorching 103 degree heat, everyone gathered together at the base of the stage. Marteen finally came out from the back of the stage and the crowd cheered him on. Showing lots of energy, Marteen got the crowd excited and also explained that he never thought he would get this far. After giving inspirational advice to the whole crowd he started his performance

This performance included Marteen singing his two songs: “Sriracha” and “Draymond”. “Sriracha” is about a female who Marteen thinks is good looking, he compared her to a bottle of hot sauce due to the fact that Sriracha is spicy. “Draymond” is about Marteen and how his life was like a basketball game. He talked about how he worked hard for what he has. The verse, “I came for the crown and I ain’t stopping now” explained how even though life isn’t fair he was reaching the top and he was not going to give up. During the song Marteen kept comparing himself to Draymond Green, a professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors.

After concluding his performance, Marteen announced that he’d be meeting people for pictures and autographs at the side of the stage. Quickly, the crowd rushed to form a line. Sadly not everyone was able to receive a picture with Marteen but the people that did really appreciated the experience.

If you would like to listen to any of Marteen’s songs, you can find him on Spotify (Marteen), Instagram, Twitter (@marteen),YouTube, Soundcloud (Marteen Estevez), and Facebook (@mateenestevez). If you would also like to see a video summarizing Marteen’s performance check out his Instagram.


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