NHS Induction Ceremony


BALDWIN PARK, CA — On the evening of Friday, November 13, National Honor Society held its annual induction ceremony for its new members of the 2015-2016 school year. The ceremony was held in the school’s cafeteria from 7:00 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. during a banquet for NHS members and their family members.

National Honor Society is a prestigious honors recognition club that encourages the growth of student leaders and takes part in many service projects that range from school to community level.

The induction ceremony served as a celebration for both new and returning members who had to go through anNHS officers Vanguard in-depth application process, including questions about leadership experiences and an interview. Parents were also invited to the ceremony for a chance to celebrate their children’s achievements.

At the beginning of the event, NHS Club President Michelle Vu welcomed students and and parents. Her welcome was followed by an introduction to the advisor Mrs. Holly Juniper and a short recognition speech by BPHS Assistant Principal Ms. Gayle Morganstern.

Dinner was served afterwards by Mrs. Juniper and the NHS board. Students and parents had a variety of Italian entrees to choose from, ranging from lasagna to ravioli. Cupcakes with blue and white frosting reflecting the BPHS school colors were also available for dessert.

During the meal, a string quartet consisting of Andrew Gallegos, Justin Vinoray, Juliette Castillo, and Kiana Martinez from the BPHS Orchestra performed the beautiful piece, Eine kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart. The music mixed with light chatter of the large group created a sense of eating at a sophisticated, high-end restaurant.

After dinner, the Board of NHS prepared for the final part of the induction ceremony. Michelle Vu gave a speech and was followed by each of her board members, who spoke a little about each of the core values of NHS — scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

Then, faux candles were passed out to the members and they were asked to stand to make their pledge to NHS. Finally, to finish the members’ induction, the members were called up one-by-one to receive their certificates and carnations to celebrate their official acceptance into the club. The ceremony concluded about 8:30 P.M. but members stayed after to take pictures.

The induction ceremony was received with positive reviews, especially from new members, such as sophomore Cindy Nguyen. “The ceremony was really great, of course, since there was food! But what I really liked was the certificate and flower we inductees received,” said Nguyen.

Overall, Nguyen expressed the excitement that many other new members also feel for this upcoming year of NHS. “I’m looking forward to just doing community service with people in NHS and getting to know each and every one, so we all can work together to make NHS better,” said Cindy.

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