Back to School Night 2017


On September 7th 2017, Baldwin Park High School held their annual Back to School night. As the halls of the Braves campus filled with parents there was of course the wonderful entertainment provided by the very talented Braves cheer, band and colorguard, orchestra, and many more!

Before Back to School Night began, clubs and sports teams were making sure to take advantage of the opportunity of having a large crowd by selling snacks and refreshments to fundraise for their clubs.

“It’s so great being able to fundraise money for the club I love and have fun with my favorite people on campus while doing so,” reported Jonathan Quintero, selling refreshments for the drama club.

“It’s always great to see parents take an interest in their students academic life,” proclaimed Principal Anthony Ippolito.

As daylight turned to nightfall, and as teachers wrapped up their meetings with parents, the night came to an end and Baldwin Park High School’s Back to School Night was definitely a success.

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