The number of players in this years BPHS Orchestra class has peaked at 78 students, the highest it’s ever been. Compared to last year’s 65, the class has grown by 13 students. Eleven of those 13 had never touched a string instrument before, and the other two are returning to their instruments after not being able to play last year due to scheduling  complications.

One of the benefits from this growth is that each instrument section has become more balanced and represented; certain sections are not as overpowered as before. That’s one of the challenges in an ensemble. With more students, we can produce better sound,” a statement by Marcy Kamler, the orchestral director of the BPHS Orchestra.

The fact that Baldwin Park High School offers the opportunity to play in an orchestra is something that is very appreciated. Not all schools have the option to play a string instrument since they cost lots of money to own and they need lots of maintenance.

“I did not expect the orchestra to grow to this extent,” said Kamler, “and it would be amazing if it kept on increasing. The more the merrier!”

The desire to play an instrument is increasing. Students are utilizing this opportunity and even people who haven’t  played before are willing to take the chance. If you would like to see this growing orchestra in action, there will be a free performance on Thursday, November 30th, 2017 at the Performing Arts Center (P.A.C.).

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