Have You Heard About Beirut?

On the 13th of November, an atrocity of great magnitude was witnessed in the capital of France with the death of nearly 160 individuals; however, Paris, France was not the only location subject to the barbarity of terrorism. With the growing influence of ISIS throughout the Middle East, and now some parts of Europe, terrorist attacks seem to be becoming an increasingly pertinent factor in the lives of many.

Great amount of attention is being allocated to the situation in Paris while Beirut, Libya is left to mourn on their own. On the 12th of November, many civilians lost their lives in Beirut when a suicide bomb attack cost the lives 43 individuals and wounded 239. While Paris had suffered a considerably greater tragedy, the lives of those lost in the Beirut attack should not be forgotten or neglected; however, little has been mentioned about the attacks in Beirut.

Why has Beirut been seemingly forgotten? Libya has, for a long time, been an area subject to violence from terrorist activities, and while it was a huge tragedy, many seem to have “expected” such an event to arise from the area. On the other hand, Paris’ attack was one of the most tragic events in Parisian history and the world watched intently as violence from the Middle East leaked into the vicinity of the peaceful country of France.

Although it may seem cruel, it seems as if a great majority of people have become desensitized to the violence that persists in the Middle Eastern regions of the world.

Regardless of perspective, both events hold a certain weight as humanity was sacrificed for the advancement of a terrorizing organization’s agenda and the world should unite as one in an effort to render such efforts ineffective.

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