Summer Nights



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The end of another stressful school year is here, so what are students planning to do this summer?

Antonio Valadez is exiting high school and getting ready for college. Before he starts another four years, he wants to relax. “My summer plan is to enjoy summer before I have to deal with the stress of college.” He stated his plans, “I would like to go to the beach, to the movies, and hang out with my friends.”

Mariel Pacada is trying to enjoy her first real summer. “I’m trying to have fun this summer. I’ve been doing a summer program for the past three summers and this is my first real summer.”

“This summer I plan to relax and do things I like. I also plan to hang out with a few friends before college starts to make more memories. I feel like I didn’t make enough memories at school,” stated Lisa Nguyen. Nguyen went on to explain, “I really can’t wait for summer.”

Axel Bustamante is looking forward to this summer, as he wants to chill with friends. “Try to relax and hang out with my friends and family more because I’m planning on getting a job during the next school year,” stated Bustamante.

Luis Morales is looking forward to his life after high school, as this summer he will have to juggle many responsiblities. “This summer I’ll have soccer practice with Rio, go to summer school, and work to have money on the side,” explained Morales.

“My plans are to work most of summer. I intend on working two jobs and saving the money I make for college, a car, and other necessities. I would like to go out a couple of times this summer with friends and family to places like the driving range, bowling, hiking, and amusement parks,” stated Rudy Salas. Salas is focused on being independent and making his own money.

Ruben Vergara is excited for his summer because he’ll be going into his senior year. “My plans are to go to summer school, work, and go to football practice. I also have to make up classes I didn’t take. In addition, to earn money so I won’t depend on anyone else for anything, and to get better at football to contribute to the team.”

This summer seems to be a very busy and productive one. However, all students are trying to enjoy their summer with friends and family.

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