We All Scream for Ice Cream

LOS ANGELES, CA– Instagram fiends, welcome to paradise. Welcome to the place that ice cream aficionados dream of. Welcome to the place where one can satisfy their sweet tooth. Welcome to the Museum of Ice Cream.

“Really the Museum of Ice Cream is this combination of museum, a theatrical experience, ice cream shop and kind of a wild discovery world,” said Manish Vora, who co-founded the pop-up art and food installation with fellow New York ice cream enthusiast Maryellis Bunn.

The Museum of Ice Cream is a pop-up art display within the Arts district of Los Angeles. It is housed in a neon pink warehouse that one may mistake for any other building, unless they keep an eye out for one of the few directional signs.

The project was originally created in New York City, but after receiving such positive feedback, the decision was made to open a location in the heart of Los Angeles. The opening of the pop-up Museum of Ice Cream in New York was wildly popular, with 30,000 tickets available selling out in 5 days, resulting in a waiting list of more than 200,000 people.

The L.A version is four times bigger than the New York location and features brand new installations that can’t be found anywhere else.

The exhibition was set to run from April 22 through May 29, but has been extended twice since then, now reaching until August. The original set of tickets went on sale April 3 at 9 AM.

Each ticket cost either $29 for adults or $18 for children and seniors. If one was planning on purchasing tickets with an American Express Platinum card, he or she could get tickets the week before on March 30 at 9 a.m.

One of the most amazing features of the museum is that every week it partners with a different local creameries to promote commercialism for these small shops. Throughout the entire show, guests will be offered a “scoop of the week” from local creameries including McConnell’s, Salt & Straw, Coolhaus, and CREAM, plus a special tasting of mochi ice cream from My/Mo. When I went on May 13, the scoop of the week was oolong tea with ginger biscuit chunks in the opening showroom, mint chocolate chip mochi flavor in the Mint Room, gummy bears in the Gummy Bear Room, and charcoal-infused cookie dough in the Dark Ice Cream Room, before the Sprinkle Pool.

The interactive art displays are a nice change from the dusty museums with a “no touching the artwork” policy. Museum of Ice Cream is a grown-ups’ playground that lets them live out the dreams they never could.

Jessica Pham, one of the museum goers, commented, “I love how creative this project is. It also helps that it’s hard to get tickets, making me feel so special.”

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