CIF Football

CIF Heartbreak


Montview League Champions, Baldwin Park High School’s Varsity football team lost their first CIF game against Schurr High School on November 13, 2015 at Baldwin Park Stadium, with a score of 27-26.

The first half began with a kickoff to the Braves. While on offense, Jacob Robles was almost sacked, but the play was saved by a last second pass to Carlos Salcedo. This was followed by a run into the end zone by Luis Flores, making the score 6-0, and with a PAT, 7-0. Immediately after, Baldwin Park kicked off to Schurr and recovered it when the Spartans fumbled the ball. On the next play, Schurr took the ball back with an interception. This did not settle well with the Braves, and as a result Carlos Varguez snatched the ball from the Spartans and ran down the whole field, scoring a touchdown. Spartans were then on offense and could not score a touchdown but went for a field goal instead, 14-3.

Braves went on to play offense but simply could not pull through with complete plays. The same occurred when Schurr had the ball, however, after a long grueling try at offense, the Spartans scored with a 5 yard run into the end zone, followed by a PAT, 14-10. Braves were then on offense and also struggled to score with 40 seconds left in the half and 3 yards to the touchdown. The team thought they had scored, but the referees measured down to the inch and determined that the touchdown was no good. Finally, with 8 seconds left in the half, Braves scored a touchdown, but failed the PAT with a block from the Spartans, 20-10.

IMG_5178nFB-VanguardIn the second half, the Spartans scored with a touchdown followed by a PAT, 20-17. Both teams continued to play good defense and offense for the rest of the quarter making it impossible for either team to score. At the start of the fourth quarter the Spartans just could not make it to the end zone, so instead, they went for a field goal which tied the game, 20-20. The teams continued to play and stopped each other from scoring. With 24 seconds left in the game, the Spartans punted the ball to Baldwin Park. The game was then left with 8 seconds to win the game, but Baldwin Park threw an incomplete pass with 2 seconds left on the clock. Neither team could  connect, leading the game to overtime.

In overtime, Braves played defense that was not quite enough and Schurr scored, 26-20, along with a PAT, 27-20. It was now the Braves chance to score. Jacob Robles threw a successful pass to Luis Flores that ended on the 5 yard line. On the next play, Robles ran the ball into the end zone scoring for the team, 27-26. Following this touchdown, the team went for a PAT that was successful, however the coaches called a time out and made the score incomplete. The team gathered during their time out and decided to take a gamble by going for a 2-point conversion to win the game. As the nervous crowd hoped for a win, Schurr intercepted the ball, ending the CIF game at 27-26.

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