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Ramen is the food that fuels us when we are hungry, when we are desperate, and when we are just too bothered to cook a real meal. However, many people only know one side to the delicacy, thinking that they can only follow the steps specified on the package. But rules are meant to be broken.

Luisa Valle, a BPHS junior, enthusiastically commented, “It’s an instant cup of salty joy.”

Otherwise known as instant noodles, ramen is a cheap, quick alternative to a complicated meal. The majority consists of noodles, water, and the contents of the seasoning packet.

For basic noodles, first begin by boiling the required amount of water needed for the noodles to cook evenly. It is important for the water to be boiling hot, not just lukewarm, or else the noodles will take too long to absorb the liquid and will expand too much.

While the water is boiling, begin to prepare your ramen. Pull back the lid of the ramen cup, or take the noodles out of the bag, and place it into a bowl. Then, add in the seasoning packet that is provided within the package. If there isn’t one provided, you’re out of luck.

Following this step, pour in the boiling water until the noodles are completely submerged in the water, or pour up to the fill line. After that, you can choose to either let the noodles steep in the broth or heat it up in the microwave to really soften the noodles.

However, feel free to step outside of the boundaries printed on the back of the packaging. Another option for preparing the noodles could be in a pot. Instead of cooking the noodles in the provided container or in a bowl, try cooking everything in a small pot. Using this method also gives more freedom to add in other ingredients .

Popular add-ins to ramen are tomatoes, bok choy, onions, chili oil, mushrooms, eggs, and Valantina hot sauce.

Joaquin Miranda expressed his undying affection for ramen and even gave insight on his favorite topping. “Instant ramen is delicious and I enjoy it most with an egg.”

The beauty of ramen is that it’s a meal that’s meant to be enjoyed by itself. There are millions of different flavor combinations. Everything is up to the preference of the diner.

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