BPHS Royalty



Ceremonieel tijdens de troonswisseling op de Dam.

Tis the season of prom and prom means finding out Baldwin Park High School’s prom king and queen. The prom king candidates are Josue Rosas and Bryan Moran. The two queen candidates are Ruby Murillo and Angie Gomez.

Josue Rosas is an outgoing student who loves being a part of the Baldwin Park High School’s play production. He had key roles in the fall play and the spring musical. Rosas is looking forward to your vote, but here is why you should vote for him. “People should vote for me because I’ve invested all my time into school throughout all four years of high school by representing theatre and making it the best program it can be,” explained Rosas. This past year, Rosas joined ASB and put a lot of effort into making school rallies a great experience. “I have also spent a lot of time this last year with ASB. Completing a lot of tasks to make events run smoothly and look aesthetically pleasing. I love making new friends and have always tried my best to be the nicest I can be to those who I meet. I’m a natural born diva and own the spotlight, but I don’t let it get my head either, I love giving people a show/something that catches their attention and what better way then being crowned King.” Rosas ended his plea for your vote with a promise, as he stated, “I promise whoever votes for me won’t be let down.”

The second king candidate is the one and only Bryan Moran. Moran is the president of Studio 409 and is a part of BPHS Vanguard. In addition to his clubs Bryan is also captain of the Boys’ Tennis Team. “I wanted to run for prom king because it’s my senior year and wanted to try something new,” described Moran. He continued to explain why people should vote for him, “You should vote for me because I don’t care if I win or not so you have nothing to lose.”

Baldwin Park’s first queen candidate is Baldwin Park High School’s class president and she is looking forward to being queen as well. Ruby Murillo does a lot for the school through ASB and is a crucial part of the planning of rallies and school events. “I decided on running for prom court because of my experience that led me to where I am today,” said Murillo explained why she is running for prom queen. Murillo continued as she tells us why we should vote for her, “People should vote for me because I promote and support school spirit and I would be honored to be representing BPHS as class president and prom queen.”

The second queen queen candidate is Angel Gomez. “I decided to run for prom queen because I wanted to try something new. I wanna create a memory I’ll remember forever just for fun.” stated Angle Gomez. Gomez described herself as, ” I’m a goof ball and just looking for excitement and people should vote for me because I’m cool and I keep the positive.”

By the end of Saturday night, we will know who the next king and queen of Baldwin Park will be.

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