Send Medicine Bottles Across the Ocean


BALDWIN PARK, CA — For the month of November, Vital Academy is collecting empty medicine bottles for Medicine Bottles for Malawi, a service project of the nonprofit humanitarian organization, The Malawi Project.

Malawi is a country hidden deep in Southeast Africa. The people of Malawi are extremely hospitable and often welcome guests with open arms. As a nation, Malawi is highly impoverished. More than half of Malawi’s population lives under the projected poverty line. The healthcare system in Malawi suffers from a lack of resources, funding, and trained medical professionals.

“Hospitals continue to be wholly inadequate when it comes to supplies, equipment, and personnel; and, patients are often turned away because of critical shortages,” says the About Malawi page on The Malawi Project’s website.

Specifically, pharmacies in Malawi are using pieces of paper to wrap medicine up for patients while first world countries are throwing perfectly reusable medicine bottles away. The form of paper packaging is neither sanitary nor safe when the medicine inside the wrapped pieces of paper can easily become dirty and children can easily access the medicine through the paper packaging.

To turn our waste into a solution for Malawi, The Malawi Project collects clean and empty medicine bottles from first world nations and send them overseas to Malawi pharmacies that are in need of medical supplies.

This year, Vital Academy is hosting this service project for the first time.

“We [Vital Academy] were just looking for some sort of humanitarian project that had a medical spin on it,” said Vital Academy English teacher, Ms. Michelle Humason. Medicine Bottles for Malawi is the project that meets the aforementioned criteria and can use the help of every student on campus.

English teachers at BPHS will be collecting medicine bottles this month. Bring clean and label-free bottles to your English class. The English class that collects the most medicine bottles will win treats from Vital Academy.

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