End of the Year Trip for Orchestra


On April 26, Baldwin Park’s  orchestra took a trip to Disneyland for their end of the year trip. The Disneyland trip is an annual trip that orchestra students fundraise for the whole year. They sell at school events, sell from catalogs and, this year they even hosted a movie night.

The cost of the trip was $100 per student, which included the ticket fee and bus fee. After the administration almost didn’t let them go a few years back because the trip wasn’t deemed to be educational, instead of cancelling the trip all together, Mr. Grant (the previous orchestra conductor) did a little bit of research and found out about Disneyland’s Performing Arts workshops.

This year, the orchestra decided to take part in the Music 101 workshop that allows for students to interact with professionals who are involved in Disneyland music. The workshop started with the instructor showing the students a game called “zip, zap, zop” that was supposed to encourage students to come out of their comfort zones and be fearless when it came to the workshop. The students were then allowed to play with different instruments and they tried to make their own theme music to the different type of rides, including Finding Nemo, the Little Mermaid Ride, and the Jungle Cruise.

At the end of the workshop, students were able to see the music they played affected how the ride would be experienced. The students were then dismissed, but not before they received a little gift. In previous years, students were gifted a Mickey Mouse cap that had a performing arts logo. However this year they were gifted a performing arts drawstring bag.

Besides the workshop, students were allowed to roam around the park and go on any rides they wished. Their day ended at around 7:30, since it was a school night.


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