First of Many Commitments


May 1st marked the date seniors picked their next stop in their educational path. This was a stressful time because most seniors had to decide if they would like to move away from home or stay local.

“I committed to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and at first it was very hard to decide because the next four years will shape who I am. I wanted to make the right choice. Going to PolyCultural Weekend, I was able to experience what the school had to offer and I fell in love with it! #mustangs2k21”, expressed Lisa Nguyen. At first, Nguyen was afraid of moving far from home; however, finding friends over there helped make her decision easier.

Emmanuel Perez is taking a little more time to decide what he would like to do after high school. “As of now I am figuring myself out. I am currently deciding if I should go straight to Major League Baseball, as I am an outfielder for my club team. I am someone who is always undecided.”

“I don’t want to commit anywhere, I feel like it’s both exciting and terrifying that we’re committing to go somewhere, explained Josue Rosas, “I’m going to Mt. SAC and then I’m transferring to Cal State Fullerton. I’m doing this because it’ll cost less money and the work wouldn’t be so intense and stressful for me.” He later stated that he can’t wait to be done with high school.

Andrew Munoz is committing out of state and is excited to leave California. ” I feel like I’m ready to start a new chapter in my life. I chose NAU and definitely the atmosphere and small town vibe of the city of Flagstaff helped me feel as if I’d enjoy it there.”

“My thoughts are beyond abnormal towards committing to college. I chose to commit to Citrus College because of their music programs that they offer. I plan to learn more behind the theory of music so I can apply these skills into my future career in music,” explained Peter Mendez. Mendez went on to explain where he sees himself in the future, “Then I’m transferring into Cal State LA after my two years. Hopefully two years!”

Angie Pop recently made her choice after visiting the campus. ” I feel like college is a new start for me. It’s my chance to become independent and enter the real world. I plan to attend APU. I had a couple of other universities to choose from but my decision was APU because it’s teacher-student ratio was smaller than a UC or Cal State. APU is a private, and they have on of the best teaching programs.”

“Personally, I have commitment issues, so it was really hard for me to set my heart on a single college, I’m going to Brown University this fall, and I honestly think I made the right choice. I got to visit the school during spring break, and everyone was so friendly and chill but also very intelligent. My decision really came down to social environment and the general interaction among students, and I feel like I fit really well in Brown’s social atmosphere”, explained Ann Mariel Pacada. Mariel went on to say she will miss her friends, but will always keep in touch with them.

The ending is coming soon and all seniors are excited about their future no matter where they end up.


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