Braves Annihilate the Olympians


LA PUENTE, CA– On Monday, April 24, the Baldwin Park High School Braves conquered the Bassett Olympians with a final score of 16 to 5. It was their second time playing against the Olympians and the Braves vastly improved in the time being.

“I ended my season very well since I won my last game and the team did excellent,” expressed BPHS senior Christopher Lazo.

The Braves Mixed Doubles were put out first on the courts. Mixed 1 (Michelle Del Toro and Kevin Chua), Mixed 2 (Tiffany Yu and Jialou Chen), and Mixed 3 (Shwe Nemyo and Alan Le) won all of their mixed doubles games. There were some complications in between sets but the Braves focused till the end.

After, the boys’ doubles came out to play. Boys’ Doubles 1 (Chen and Chua) and Boys’ Doubles 2 (Lazo and Le) defeated the Olympians without breaking a sweat. The Braves took an early lead, 9 to 0.

The girls’ doubles also had trouble along the way but they defeated the Olympians. Girls’ Doubles 1 (Del Toro and Cindy Nguyen) and Girls’ Doubles 2 (Sharon Tran and Yu) were the quickest to finish their games. Afterwards, the score stood at 13 to 0.

Boys’ singles struggled the most. Boys’ Singles 1 (Gabriel Musni) had a bad day and couldn’t perform as well as he usually does. Boys’ Singles 2 (Bai Rong Lin) had a close match, going to three sets. Although he lost both of his games, he recognized his mistakes and wanted to improve even more. The Olympians caught up but the Braves were still leading, 13 to 4.

The Braves girls’ singles games were the highlight of the day. All the players, both the Braves and Olympians, were experienced and put on an exciting show. Girls’ Singles 1 (Tuyen Ho) redeemed herself from the last time against Bassett and defeated the Olympians. Girls’ Singles 2 (Sophia Nguyen) only lost against Bassett’s Girls’ Singles 1. The game ended with the score 16 to 5.

“The only thing I can share is that badminton is no joke,” said Lazo. “Do not miss practice and do not fool around.” It was the last league game of the season, with the Braves earning the title of League Champions once again. Now, the team will continue to practice for Prelims and Finals.

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