Orchestra Hosts A Movie


Movie nights are the best. They are even better when you are supporting a club. On Thursday, April 13, Orchestra held a movie night to help fundraise for bus transportation for this year’s Disney trip as well as other future trips.

Lisa Nguyen, a movie attendee, said,”I love The Sandlot, so I had to come out and support.”

Orchestra held the movie at the cafeteria and showed The Sandlot, a baseball classic involving kids trying to retrieve the ball signed by Babe Ruth but there is a monster on the other side of the gate that just turns out to be a friendly dog. Students were able to enjoy the movie with their blankets and pillows.

A handful of students attended in support of their friends in orchestra. Most of the snacks were sold for two dollars or less. They sold snacks like popcorn, nachos, sodas, and chips. The tickets were sold for only two dollars, so it was very inexpensive. The money that the orchestra students got from selling their tickets all went to their accounts so that they could help pay off their Disneyland tickets or banquet attendance.

Orchestra has winter and spring concerts and often sells different things throughout the year to help fund their many events. Don’t forget to support the Baldwin Park High School Orchestra in future events that they may host!

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