Robot Rumble


On Friday November 13, Mr. Millan’s drafting class held its first ever robotics tournament. Students were put into teams and tasked with creating robots capable of knocking out opposing robots.

The robots were created using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robotics kits. These kits allowed the students to create small remote-controlled robots. Students were able to control these robots from their smartphones with a complementary app the kits come with.

The 10 teams’ robots went head-to-head in a small ring, with the goal being to either knock over or knock the opposing robot out of the ring. Each match was best two out of three, with the winners moving on and the losing team going in to the “loser’s cup” for a chance at redemption.

At the end of the tournament, team Shark Bait and team B.E.A.T went up against each other in a best of five match. It was a close match, but team Shark Bait came out on top.

The students had a blast building and competing their own unique robots, and The Vanguard News is looking forward to seeing more competitions like this in the future.

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